Epic the MovieEdit

"I don't think I saw a salute, Boggan."

"We had a little skirmish with some Leafmen this morning. A rat got caught in the crossfire so I got a new coat. It's uh just like yours."

"Uh yes, sir. It's way outside of our borders."

"So arrogant."

"She needs to be cut down! At the root!"

"I won't let you down, Dad."

"We had numbers! And we had the surprise part! How are we losing?!"

"But we can destroy it in one, right?"

Epic: The Junior NovelEdit

"Yes, sir. But it's way outside our borders."

"Doesn't 'fungus' start with 'fun'?"


"I will not disappoint you...Dad."

"We had numbers, and we had surprise. How are we losing?"

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