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Gender Female
Species Jinn
Origin Moonhaven
Occupation/Status Traveling Merchant
Age 22
Birthdate Unknown
Height/Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Family Flora (twin brother)
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Voiced By Unknown
Appears In The Rot

Fauna is a recurring merchant NPC in The Rot. She provides the player with equipment, items, and power-ups along with her traveling twin-sibling, Flora


Fauna is a flower-like Jinn with a fashion sense similar to that of Boggan culture.


Being a shopkeeper, Fauna makes a living helping every creature in the forest, including the Boggans. As such, she has no real enemies and likes to think of herself as a neutral party.

She seems to be quite enthusiastic about her work and is always suggestive-selling.


  • Fauna was originally designed as a Stomper-like Jinn named Beatrice, after the fan character Batra.

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