Mars is a fanmade character for the movie Epic.

She also appears as a main character in Epic: The Series and An Epic Life, as well as an NPC in The Rot

Mars Moonlight Woods
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Gender Female
Species Solar Person
Origin Unknown
Occupation/Status Princess of the Solar People (Former)
Age Over 100, looks to be in her mid-20s
Birthdate May 24th
Height/Weight 2 inches
Hair Black with red highlights
Eyes Red
Family Venus (twin sister)

Taurus (older brother)

Friends Mandrake

M.K. (Series) Nod (Series) Ronin (Series) Bomba (Series) Ozzy (Series) Dagda (Series)

Misty (Series) Kelly (Series)

Enemies Mildred (Series)


Love Interest(s) Bomba (crush)
Voiced By • Kelly Clarkson (movie/series)

Amanda Tye (The Rot)

Appears In Epic: The Series

The Rot
Part of that World (major)
An Epic Life (major)
Marmba, Interrupted (major)


Mars is sweet and excitable like Venus, her twin sister, but Mars is shown to be the more mature one. She also isn't a fighter like her sister, but is more of a graceful, yet fragile girl.


Mars looks exactly like Venus, except her green parts are various shades of red. Her bangs are over her right eye like Venus, but she doesn't have a long scar on her eye. She does, however, have a bunch of tiny scars on the right side of her face.



Mars has a good sister relationship with Venus. She loves to tease her by calling her "Baby Sister," since Venus is 21 seconds younger.


Mars is close friends with Bomba, upon meeting him through M.K. She's shown signs of having a secret crush on him. They are the two main protagonists in Part of that World.


Mars is good friends with Mandrake. She respects his and Venus' relationship, and loves that he truly loves and adores Venus, unlike all her ex-boyfriends.


Mars and Susan are bitter enemies in Part of that World and its sequel.


Mars and M.K. become friends upon meeting during the summer in Part of that World, and they first meet in the Pilot episode of the series.


  • Mars' birthday is the same as Venus': May 24th
  • Mars is a few half-inches taller than Venus
  • She was born 21 seconds before Venus, making her the older twin
  • In Epic: The Series, she's shown to be into smart, yet eccentric, guys, so it's possible that she has a crush on Bomba. This will be confirmed in a future episode.
  • Mars always wears black and red, especially in the series.
  • In Summer Vacation, it's revealed that Mars gets sick to her stomach easily.

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