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Gender Male
Species Jinn
Origin Moonhaven
Occupation/Status Leafman
Age 25
Birthdate March 14
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Family Blink (father, deceased)

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Friends M.K.


Enemies Mandrake and the Boggans
Love Interest(s) M.K.
Voiced By Josh Hutcherson (Epic)
Appears In Epic (protagonist/major)

Epic: The Junior Novel (protagonist/major)
Epic: The Series
The Rot (antagonist/minor)

"I'm thinking I'm just not cut out for this."
―Nod to Ronin[src]

Nod is a rookie Leafman who appears in the movie Epic and its fangame prequel The Rot.

He also appears as a main character in Epic: The Series.



Nod is shown to be a cheerful and outgoing Leafman with a rebellious streak, which often gets him into trouble with Ronin and others.



When Nod first meets MK after she is shrunken down, they immediately capture each other's attention. He later takes her on a deer ride where they begin to fall in love and discover they share something in common; they both lost a parent whom they were incredibly close to. When MK is being transported back home by the new queen, they embrace and share a kiss. MK later contacts him through one of Bomba's cameras, confirming that they are a couple.



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