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The New Leafwomen is a fanfiction written by BrainyxBat. It focuses on Venus and Mars first arriving at Moonhaven, how they begin singing at Nim Galuu's parties, and more importantly, how Venus and Finn fall in love.


Ch. 1Edit

Venus and Mars Woods are running through the forest, escaping a Boggan ambush on their home. But all of a sudden, they crash into a hummingbird and its rider, who turns out to be Nod. After hearing their story, he offers to take them to Moonhaven, to which they accept. Along the way, they learn that he is a member of the Leafmen, a tribe of soldiers that protect the forest, and he takes them to his general, Ronin, for them to possibly join.

When he does just that, as Mars tells Ronin what happened, Venus and Finn lock eyes, and for both of them, it's love at first sight, although they are unaware of each other's feelings. He is properly introduced to the twins, then escorts them to their new home per Ronin's orders. He ensures their comfort in their new hut, then returns to training, as the girls get comfortable.

Ch. 2Edit

Venus and Mars discuss Venus' feelings for Finn, and whether he returns her feelings or not. After training is done, Finn comes back to check on the twins, then returns to his own hut as he ponders his feelings towards Venus. He then confesses to Ronin and Nod that he thinks he's in love with her. After given a dumb response by Nod, he and Ronin provide Finn with advice on how to approach the shy girl he barely knew.

Ch. 3Edit

In progress.


  1. Venus Woods
  2. Mars Woods
  3. Finn
  4. Nod
  5. Ronin


  • This fanfic is available for reading on here.
  • This fanfic takes place before, and soon during, and slightly after the movie.