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Gender Male
Species Boggan
Origin Wrathwood
Occupation/Status Guard
Age 18 (The Rot)


Birthdate June 2
Height/Weight Unknown
Hair None
Eyes Pink
Friends Oleander
Enemies Ronin and the Leafmen
Love Interest(s) Potential LIs for The Rot
Voiced By Alan Jackson (The Rot)
Appears In Epic (antagonist/minor)

The Rot (protagonist/minor)

Twiggy is a mosquito-like Boggan guard seen in both the movie Epic and its manga/video game prequel The Rot. He is always accompanied by his guard partner, Oleander


Twiggy carries the look of a mosquito, having a very thin "twig-like" body, long nose, and battered wings. His armor is the skull of a hummingbird. Despite his scrawniness, he is shown to have some strength as he lifts Oleander up in flight to combat Nod and M.K. during a scene in Epic


  • Twiggy is voiced by Alan Jackson in The Rot

Twiggy as he sounds in The Rot.

  • Twiggy's voice sounds like a mosquito, high-pitched and buzzy, as heard in both the movie and the fanon game.
  • Twiggy is shown to be more intelligent than Oleander.
  • Twiggy uses a sharp spear as his weapon.
  • The name "Twiggy" is merely a widely accepted fan canon name, as he never had an official name in the movie.

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