• BrainyxBat

    Inspired by Ailodierap 's episode reviews on the Victorious Wiki.

    *This review may contain spoilers*

    Brilliant. Bril-IYANT! (if you've watched Zoey 101 or still do, you'd probably recognize that quote. XD) Epic is so brilliant that it's become my new favorite movie, beating The Lion King. I love everything about it; the plot, the visual animation, but most of all, the characters. I'll do character reviews after the one for the movie.

    First of all, the plot; I truly loved it. The Leafmen battling the Boggans for the sake of the forest; truly brilliant. ^.^ Plus Bomba obsessing over the Leafmen is funny with all that stuff he has. XD

    The other stuff I found funny was Mub flirting with M.K., Nod and Ronin mocking Bomba's speech from their point o…

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