Venus is a fanmade character for the movie Epic.

She also appears as a main character in Epic: The Series and An Epic Life and as a playable character in The Rot.

Venus Nightshade Woods
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Gender Female
Species Solar Person
Origin Unknown
Occupation/Status Princess of the Solar People (former)
Mandrake's former apprentice (deceased; movie)

Mandrake's girlfriend (series)

Age Over 100, looks to be in her mid-20s
Birthdate May 24th
Height/Weight 1 3/4 inches
Hair Black with green highlights
Eyes Green
Family Mars (twin sister)

Taurus (older brother)

Friends M.K. (Series)

Nod (Series) Ronin (Series) Dagda (Movie/Series) Misty (Series) Kelly (Series) Ozzy (Series) Virgo (Series) Bomba (Series)

Enemies Mildred (Series)
Ronin and the Leafmen (The Rot)
Love Interest(s) Mandrake (Movie/Series)
Potential LIs for The Rot
Voiced By • Katy Perry (Movie/Series)

Amanda Tye (The Rot)

Appears In Epic: The Series (major)

The Rot (playable character)
Part of that World (mentioned)
An Epic Life


Venus acts pretty goofy at times, like giggling when Mandrake is insulted, but can be evil and threatening if she wants to. However, in the series, her evilness is more playful than threatening. She also has a soft side, which she only shows around her loved ones, like her boss and the object of her affections, Mandrake, his son Dagda, and her twin sister, Mars. She gets very shy when around Mandrake alone; She blushes a lot, and has trouble talking.

Venus has a lack confidence in herself, especially her appearance, due to a bad dating past. According to her, her dates go running to her 'prettier than her' sister the second they see her, who said yes to every date except one. But that one was so angry about her rejection that he took it out on Venus, by physically and verbally abusing her. 


Venus has pale skin and long black hair with green highlights. She has big, bright green eyes, green facial markings resembling eyeshadow, and pointy hyena-like ears.

She wears a bright green and black dress, a silver necklace, elbow-length black gloves, a green tiara on her head, and black lace-up shoes with a green flower on them.

Under her long bangs, she has a large scar on her right eye. It's similar to Scar's from the Disney movie The Lion King, but it's longer, and a bit wider.




Venus has a huge crush on Mandrake, and she would do anything to impress him, even fighting Ronin for him, and dying in the process. But just seconds before her passing, she and Mandrake confessed their love for each other, and shared their first, and last, kiss.

Epic: The SeriesEdit

In the series, she and Mandrake become boyfriend and girlfriend after the 2nd part of the Pilot, and they share their first kiss in the special "Halloween Spooks."

The RotEdit

Mandrake will be a potential love interest for Venus in the game.



Venus and Dagda appear to have a mother-son relationship. She was devastated when he was killed by Ronin, and like Mandrake, wanted revenge on the Leafmen for doing so. Plus, she felt extremely guilty, feeling that she "let him die," as she ducked down when the arrow was heading for her, resulting in it hitting Dagda instead.

Epic: The SeriesEdit

They show to have a good friendship chemistry in the series.

The RotEdit

Dagda will be a potential love interest for Venus in the game.


Venus has a good family relationship with her twin sister. But Mars annoys her occasionally, such as calling her "Baby Sister" since Venus was born 21 seconds after, and revealing her embarrassing secrets, such as her fear of heights, and immense sensitivity (She's very ticklish.) But they still get along, and rarely argue.


  • Her middle name was originally 'Leaf' before it was changed to 'Nightshade.' The creator thought that Nightshade suited her more.
  • Venus is shown to have a fear of heights, and only freaks out when Mandrake isn't looking. 

    Venus in her pajamas

  • Venus and Mars' birthday is May 24th, the day Epic was first released in theaters.
  • Venus' favorite flower is the Black Rose.
  • In The Rot, Mandrake's pet name for Venus is Lilie Der Nacht ("Lily of the Night" in German).
  • Venus' pajamas consist of a pair of green shorts, and a black tank top that shows her stomach.
  • Venus secretly wears a bat cloak exactly like Mandrake's when she goes to bed.
  • Venus is shown to suffer from nightmares.
  • Venus' sides are her most ticklish spots. Mandrake often teases her about this.

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