Zerra Zune
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Gender Female
Species Solar People
Origin Unknown
Occupation/Status Student
Age 13
Birthdate October 1st
Height/Weight Variable
Hair Brown
Eyes Red-Purple
Family Unknown
Friends Zetta Zumu
Enemies Unknown
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Voiced By Unknown
Appears In The Rot (protagonist/minor)

Zerra Zune (or simply, Zer) is an optional playable character in the game adaptation of The Rot.


Zerra takes the appearance of a teenage girl with wavy, umber brown hair, solid burgundy-colored eyes, and sharp teeth. Although a Solar Person, her clothing style seems to match that of the Boggans.


  • Zerra means "seed" while Zune is an onomatopoeia for the incoming buzz and trailing noise of an object flying by at lightning speeds.
  • Her recruitment is purely optional depending upon Instance choice branches a player may take.
  • Zerra drives a minimalistic, futuristic stylized bobber (which she calls Ao Rakurai *Blue Lightning-strike?*), sans fender and modified with custom ape-hangers. At her will, the vehicle can transform into a multi-blade sword (by the name of Go-Go-Gyuu-n or GGG *Rumble-Woosh?*), which she uses in battle.

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